Premium Barbie Nose

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Premium Barbie Nose

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Full set of non-surgical nose lifting

'Premium Barbie Nose is a full package of non-surgical nose slimming treatments, thread lifting, filler and slimming injection, that can make a sophisticated and slim nose line quick and easy. It uses scaffold threads on nose bridge and tip to complete natural line at any angles from the front and side while injecting filler to support force and achieve dramatic nose shape that perfectly suit your face. Wide, flat and bulbous alar base (known as nose wing) gives dull and less sophisticated look and generally requires skin incision to improve the look. By Ppeum's secret recipe of component mixation that breaks down fat and collagen, you can expect to complete beautiful result without surgery or worries about scar.

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What’s included

Ppeum Clinic's Premium Barbie Nose includes;
> 1:1 Doctor counseling
> Medical translation service
> Anesthesia (numbing cream/ local injection)
> Barbie Nose Lifting (bridge+tip)
> Filler Injection (nose bridge+tip)
> Nose Sculpting Injection (nose wing)

* The price of this package does not include VAT (10%) and will be charged when making payment.

Program duration: 120mins
1. Doctor's counselling
2. Explanation by consultant
3. Design treatment area
4. Numbing cream (20mins)
5. Premium Barbie Nose Pacakge comprising;
- Step 01: Insert suitable sized thread on nose bridge & tip
- Step 02: Mold the shape
- Step 03: Inject filler on nose bridge & tip
- Step 04: Mold the shape
- Step 05: Inject Nose Sculpting Injection on nose wing (alar)
6. Apply anti-biotic ointment
7. Finish


- No surgery and anesthesia, but simple treatment
- Quick-safe treatment with visible results immediately
- Use of safe genuine medical threads and filler
- Tailored shape that suits your desires
- Clinic developed secret recipe that breaks down fat and collagen
- Minimized bruising and swelling by using thin and round cannula
-  Applicable on different Asian nose conditions; flat, bulbous or hooked
- Natural and long-lasting result by using threads and filler together

How to book

1. Click “Free Consultation” button for your request
2. OpenbayMed will contact you (by email or phone) in 24 hours (during weekdays)
3. 1:1 Medical Concierge Service manager will assist your consultation and hospital reservation
4. You will receive Reservation Confirmation Letter once your schedule is confirmed
5. Present your Reservation Confirmation Letter at hospital

Important Notes
* This offer requires advanced reservation 
* Please bring your passport to hospital visit. You may be asked to identify yourself
* Cannot be combined with any other coupon, sale or promotional benefits with another promotion or discount

About the Medical Institution

Ppeum clinic was established in 2017, surrounded by modern, bright, and airy environment that everyone can feel easy to visit and try latest techniques of Korean beauty. Ppeum is a total beauty plex that includes latest and most popular skincare techniques of the time as well as the world's well known branding quick-fixes such as Botox, dermal fillers, PRP, Doublo, Q.O.fill, thread lifting, and etc.

Ppeum won the prize in the aesthetic, dermatology category solely in 2017 Medical Korea Grand Prize and is the only one in the dermatology as an excellent hospital by department. More than 10 medical teams from Seoul National University are working on the research and treatment together as well as they are selected as master doctors by Restylane performs procedures. 

Including branches in Myeong-dong, Gangnam, Garosu-gil where are most preferred by international visitors, Ppeum has 22 branches in Seoul. 

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri 10:30AM-21:00PM
Sat 10:30AM-5:00PM

* Closed on Sundays and public holidays


a. Is it painful?
- You could feel minor pain if you are sensitive. The treatment uses numbing cream and local injection (if needed) before and during the process, so doctor can control pain. You could also feel slightly uncomforable while inserting threads which get better after treatment.

b. Does it need anesthesia?
- It is mostly done with numbing cream only, however doctor may choose to give you local injection for pain control.

c. How do I look after the treatment?
- You could expect needle-sized redness or minor bruises, which can be covered by concealer. You could have some swelling or bruises depending on individual condition (skin thickness). You can use icepack on your nose during first 2-3 days, or they will take about a week to look very normal, but you can still have your daily activities such as going out, shopping, traveling, or etc. 

d. When can I start seeing the result for Nasal Sculpting Injection?
Unlike threads or filler done on other parts of nose, Nose Sculpting Injection on nose wing takes about 1 week to see its slimming effect. It lasts about 6 months in general and you can consider doing the next session around the time (following sessions are not must and only recommended for who want to keep its effect).

e. What if my nose became too smaller?
- Since this program does not involve any skin cutting, the actual size of your nose tip or wing does not get as small as you have to worry about. The main purpose of Nose Sculpting Injection is to reduce the fat amount of nose tip and flaring looking nose wing.

f. What do I need to be careful after this program?
- For the first week of Premium Barbie Nose Package, you should avoid any activities that raises your temperature higher (drinking, Sauna, heavy exercise). Also, you need to be careful not to press the treatment area, or blow your nose.