Evercell FMS Face Lifting

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Evercell FMS Face Lifting

SGD 400

Skin lifting laser & massage program

CHA Stem-Cell Institute, one of the largest Stem-Cell research facilities in the world, discovered a serum that is related to the Stem-Cell process. This Stem-Cell showed remarkable effects in repairing damaged skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, increasing suppleness, improving elasticity, and brightening skin tone. Healthy skin from its root, well-designed skin care system will treat your skin’s biorhythms. Based on long experience and piled know-how in Stem-Cell science and developed life science, Evercell FMS Face Lifting was introduced for more beautiful and healthy skin. Through use of cutting-edge therapies, its experienced skin technicians gently introduce the serum to your skin to help maintaining your youth and beauty.

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What’s included

Chaum Life Center's Evercell FMS Face Lifting includes;
> 1:1 Evercell specialist counseling
> In-hospital medical translation service
> Skin analysis by photo-imaging machine
> Evercell Face Lifting Skin Care

* VAT refund available (about 6%+)

Program duration: 120mins
1. Evercell manager counseling
2. Skin analysis (photo-imaging and cosmetic ingredients)
3. Getting dressed
4. Evercell FMS Face Lifting comprising;
- Mild Enzyme Cleansing/Exfoliation 
- Lymph Drainage Décolletée (Shoulder & Neck)
- Evercell Face Lifting using low frequency therapy
- Ampoule and MTS treatment
- Customized mask pack
- Skin moisturizing
5. Finish


- Private treatment room
- 1:1 specialist from the start to the end
- Customized spa plan for individual
- Pain-free lifting with using low frequency
- Stretching of not frequently used fine muscle
- Improvement on facial asymmetry
- Effective post-operative care for cosmetic surgery
- Fast recovery of accumulated fatigue

How to book

1. Click “Free Consultation” button for your request
2. OpenbayMed will contact you (by email or phone) in 24 hours (during weekdays)
3. 1:1 Medical Concierge Service manager will assist your consultation and hospital reservation
4. You will receive Reservation Confirmation Letter once your schedule is confirmed
5. Present your Reservation Confirmation Letter at hospital

Important Notes
* This offer requires advanced reservation 
* Please bring your passport to hospital visit. You may be asked to identify yourself
* Cannot be combined with any other coupon, sale or promotional benefits with another promotion or discount

About the Medical Institution

Since CHA Hospital Group was founded in 1960, it has grown to be a leading hospital group in Korea. Not only does it have hospitals and clinics, but also it has research centers and biotechnology companies to support medical practice of hospitals in its group. Chaum Life Center is the place where it draws upon medical practice and research of CHA Hospital Group. Chaum finds itself unique medical center that not only it focuses on traditional concept of medicine, but it presents the comprehensive service including functional anti-aging.

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00AM-8:00PM
Sat 9:00AM-7:00PM

* Closed on Sunday and public holidays


a) Is the treatment painful?
Evercell FMS Face Lifting program includes both laser (low radio frequency) and hand massage during 90mins. You may feel little bit of heating sensation during the laser treatment, and pressure feeling during massage but in good way. 

b) I’m coming with my mom. Can we have the treatment together?
Yes, Evercell FMS Face Lifting program is suitable for any ages and facial conditions unless you have very sensitive skin to radio-frequency treatment. Contact OpenbayMed for early booking to secure experienced specialist and private room.

c) There seems to be more than 1 Evercell programs at Chaum. Which one should I go for?
Yes, Chaum has three main Evercell Skin Care programs; FMS Face Lifting Skin Care program, Stem-Cell Micro Needling Therapy program, and Premium Repagen Care program. First one is most generally popular regardless ages and genders, and especially preferred for travelers who visit to Korea for short time and want to experience Chaum’s luxury Evercell program. You’ll meet Evercell specialist for pre-consultation before the program to see what is the most suitable for your condition.

d) How to maintain the Evercell treatment effect longer? 
Chaum has its own branding cosmetics, ‘Evercell Chaum Absolute Luxe Cell Program’, developed based on CHA Bio-group’s patented component. It has incubated epi-derma Stem-Cell component, that delivers powerful Stem-Cell anti-aging energy to skin for younger and more elastic skin. Contact OpenbayMed for more information including how to buy.

e) I’m coming with my family, but only me getting treatment. Any place for my family’s fun?
Chaum itself is one big luxurious building where you can eat, play and shop while getting medical treatments. It has food court and organic grocery shopping places (B1), Bakery & luxurious restaurants (1F), Medical zone (2F), Anti-aging zone (3F), Organic food therapy cuisine ‘Les Trois’ (2F), and more. It is also close to other entertaining areas like Garosu-gil and COEX.