Non Surgical V Line

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Non Surgical V Line

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V line contouring injection

If you desire for a slim and V line face without undergoing surgery, LaPrin’s V Fit Slimming injection is the alternative to achieve a V-line shape face without the need to undergo surgery and general anaesthesia. This involves a lipolysis injection used to dissolve facial fats. Depending on individuals, the result lasts up to 1 year.

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What’s included

LaPrin Aesthetic Medical's V Fit Slimming Program includes;
> 1:1 Doctor counseling
> In-hospital Medical translation service
> Anesthesia (numbing cream)
> V-line contouring injection (chin & jaw)

* VAT refund available (about 6%+)

Program duration: 50mins
1. Doctor counseling
2. Explanation by consultant
3. V Fit Slimming Program comprising;
- Step 01: Facial cleansing (self)
- Step 02: Numbing cream (20mins)
- Step 03: V-line contouring injection
- Step 04: Apply moisturizing cream and sunscreen
4. Finish


- Non-surgical facial contouring (no need of liposuction or facial contouring surgery)
- Strong effective lipolysis injection based on years of experiences and piled know-how
- Still lifted looking skin after facial slimming
- No risk, by using non-steroid & organic injection- Quick treatment time (contouring injection itself takes less than 5mins)
- Unnoticeable & natural slimming effect
- Can be combined with other lifting lasers for boosting effect (Ulthera, Thermage, Shurink or etc.)

How to book

1. Click "Free Consultation" button for your request
2. OpenbayMed will contact you (by email or phone) in 24 hours (during weekdays)
3. 1:1 Medical Concierge Service manager will assist your consultation and hospital reservation
4. You will receive Reservation Confirmation Letter once your schedule is confirmed
5. Present your Reservation Confirmation Letter at hospital

Important Notes
* This offer requires advanced reservation
* Please bring your passport to hospital visit. You may be asked to identify yourself
* Cannot be combined with any other coupon, sale or promotional benefits with another promotion or discount

About the Medical Institution

Based on foundation of largest beauty medical group in Korea, Lamar Network, for the last 18 years, LaPrin Aesthetic Medical has been devoted to mastering comprehensive beauty programs what just all women need. Not only doctors at LaPrin keep unremitting study on technology and their skills, but also patient’s satisfaction after treatments will be higher with its high-tech equipment’s such as indoor Stemcell laboratory, Antera 3D, VISIA, VSERlipo system or etc. 

Operating Hours
Mon-Wed 10:00AM-7:00PM 
Thur-Fri 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sat 10:00AM-4:00PM

* Closed on Sundays and public holidays


a) Is it painful?
- You could have slight pain while giving injection, however, anesthetic cream is applied in advance to prevent any expected discomfort during the program.

b) Will my face become sagging by any chance?
- Not because of injection, but you could look comparatively sagging due to volume loss. In this case, you could consider doing Ulthera or other lifting lasers in order to prevent any sagging.

c) Which part do I get injection on? What is the amount of cc?
- Injection is directly done focusing on your concerned area, and suitable amount of cc will be decided during doctor’s consultation.

d) When will I be able to have facial massage after this program?
- You are good to go for daily skin care from the next day, however, recommended to have stimulating facial massage a week after.

e) What are the after care for this program?
- Avoid any vigorous exercise, sauna and hot bath for 2-3 days, and consuming alcohol on the day of injection.

f) Will I have visible effect by only one session?
- Yes, if you are suitable candidate for this slimming injection, facial line will be improved with only one session.

g) For boosting effect, any other procedures that I can have with this injection?
- If you want to have maximum V line result, you can consider having lifting laser together; Ulthera laser, Reaction laser, or Fotona laser, to complete slim and tightened facial line.